2023 Standings

Final 2023 Regular Season Standings

Green Bay16970.563

Standings are sorted by winning percentage.

In the event of a tie in the standings, the following tie-breakers will be implemented to determine the higher rank in the standings.

  1. Overall league record
  2. head to head league record
  3. Lowest run differential in league games
  4. Lowest run differential in head to head league games
  5. Coin flip

Run differential is calculated as the total number of defensive runs given up, divided by the number of innings played on defense.

GP – Total number of games played
W – Total season-to-date wins
L – Total season-to-date losses
PCT – Win Percentage
GB – Games behind
RS – Total number of runs scored
RA – Total number of runs allowed
Home – Won-loss record in home games
Road – Won-loss record in road games